Brain and Nervous System Testing

Integrative Neurology — We use whole-body and whole-brain strategies to improve brain health and function.  We emphasize building a foundation of food, nutrition and healthy routines to reduce the frequency of and risk for neurological symptoms.  We use testing to understand cause, contributors, aggravators and obstacles so that we can optimize treatment strategies.

Pediatric Neurology services — We utilize an integrative, whole body-brain approach to help children at all levels of function.

EEG and qEEG — EEG means “electroencephalograpy” and the “q” means “quantitative.” Our equipment includes child friendly high density EEG as well as the use of caps for lower-density studies (that is, less leads placed on the head).  These brainwave measurement systems are used to measure brain function and brain networks and see how they change over time as treatment strategies progress. Stay tuned for the launch of our EEG and qEEG program.

Stress measures —  We measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV)–which measures your body’s adaptability and ability to rest and repair (parasympathetic function).  We also measure Electrodermal Activity (EDA, also called galvanic skin response, or GSR). this measures stress response (sympathetic or fight-or-flight function) through skin conductance.