Body Testing

Labs — Testing for Physiology, immune system, nutrition status, biochemistry-metabolism, hormones, toxic body burden, gut health and microbiome, genetic vulnerability, and more.

Regulation (European) Thermometry — Using a temperature-sensitive probe that we gently place on specific points on your skin, we measure the temperature before and after a short exposure to mildly cool temperature. These skin points are associated with both the stress regulation part of your nervous system (your “autonomic nervous system”) and with underlying organs.  The way the temperature changes gives valuable information about how your organs are functioning. This is done in our office, and takes about 30-45 minutes.   Our system uses this data to produce a detailed printed profile of where your body is regulating itself well and where it is challenged.  We review this information with you to helps customize strategies for your health improvement and disease prevention.  

Regulation (European) Thermometry is different from thermography.  Thermography uses a camera to scan your body.  Because the body has curves and the camera can’t follow those curves, there is a tradeoff between getting a full picture of all the skin, and having less precision about temperature.  Our Regulatory (European) Thermometry system targets measurement points with clear biological/physiological significance, always places the probe at the same angle to the skin,  and integrates the information gained from measuring temperature changes into an organized system of physiological knowledge about the body and its functioning.


Electrodermal screening — Exploratory testing of your response to electronic signatures of supports and stressors to give us clues to what to investigate further and what will help you best.

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis — Using electric current to quantify cell, membrane and tissue health.