Integrative Neurology — We use whole-body and whole-brain strategies to improve brain health and function.  We emphasize building a foundation of food, nutrition and healthy routines to reduce the frequency of and risk for neurological symptoms.  We use testing to understand cause, contributors, aggravators and obstacles so that we can optimize treatment strategies.


Pediatric Neurology services — We utilize an integrative, whole body-brain approach to help children at all levels of function.


EEG and qEEG — EEG means “electroencephalograpy” and the “q” means “quantitative.” Our equipment includes child friendly high density EEG as well as the use of caps for lower-density studies (that is, less leads placed on the head).  These brainwave measurement systems are used to measure brain function and brain networks and see how they change over time as treatment strategies progress.


Stress measures —  We measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV)–which measures your body’s adaptability and ability to rest and repair (parasympathetic function).  We also measure Electrodermal Activity (EDA, also called galvanic skin response, or GSR). this measures stress response (sympathetic or fight-or-flight function) through skin conductance.




SF (InfraSlow Fluctuation) Neurofeedback — This method differs from most other approaches to neurofeedback in two ways: 1) it addresses very slow rhythms deep within the brain, rather than the faster rhythms of the neocortex; these rhythms are associated with glial cells and neurovisceral regulation.  2) it is passive rather than active: sounds are played to indicate your relationship to your “optimal frequency” (which we first identify) and you simply watch a movie.  These slow rhythms appear to be “carrier frequencies” supporting higher frequency brain signals.


Low-Level (cold) Laser Therapy — Also known as photobiomodulation delivers light to body or brain tissues through the skin.  It supports cellular function, particularly mitochondrial function and repair processes.  Applications include  through light therapy.  Applications include Trans-cranial LLLT (that is, light sources placed on the skull, which penetrate into the brain) which is being used to help the brain repair itself from injury, and increase resources for brain activity, with animal studies showing that it can reduce plaque in Alzheimer’s disease.  It is also used in Rehab for aches, pains, and injuries.


Anat Baniel Method® / NeuroMovement® — A method that grew out of the work of Moshe Feldenkrais PhD, it uses skilled, subtle sensitive movement (the primordial language of the brain) to give the brain new options, which generalize to higher brain functions and sense of self in the world.  It has applications ranging from severe special needs and brain injury or stroke to autism and neurobehavioral conditions to vitality, anti-aging and high performance self-improvement through upgrading brain organization.  through using nuanced gentle, aware movement to upgrade brain organization.


Multilayered brain treatments — Some research shows that layering two or more treatments may synergize and increase impact. For example, supporting brain tissue (e.g., with low-level laser therapy, LLLT) before other kinds of brain training may increase the learning curve from the brain training (e.g., neurofeedback, OT or PT, ABM-NM, brain-training games).




Food, Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine — Using history, physical, testing and environmental information to upgrade your foundations.


Naturopathic Medicine — Restoring and optimizing health through a large array of natural approaches based on scientific understanding.


Pharmacy Services — Managing drugs and supplements, finding drug alternatives, transitioning safely to drug-free care.




Labs — Testing for Physiology, immune system, nutrition status, biochemistry-metabolism, hormones, toxic body burden, gut health and microbiome, genetic vulnerability, and more.


Regulation Thermometry — Using measures of how light cold stress changes the temperature of autonomic nervous system reflex points is done in our office.  It produces a detailed printed profile of where your body is regulating itself well and where it is challenged, which helps customize strategies for your health improvement and disease prevention.


Electrodermal screening — Exploratory testing of your response to electronic signatures of supports and stressors to give us clues to what to investigate further and what will help you best.


Bioelectric Impedance Analysis — Using electric current to quantify cell, membrane and tissue health.




Health Coaching — Helping you with the nitty-gritty of transitioning to healthier habits that support repair, recovery and thriving. You may read about our approach here.


Environmental health coaching — Home and workplace inventories for environmental exposure risks and how to reduce them.


Fitness Coaching


Outcomes and treatment tracking using interim repeats of questionnaire and device measures.


“Environmental never-well-since” homeopathy for gently recovering from environmental injuries.


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