Frequently Asked Questions

We are a forward-looking body-brain-environment health center aimed at partnering with our patients to make life all it can be.  Our philosophy is to aim to correct root causes, to upgrade body and brain, and to overcome illness by building health and resiliency.

To learn more about who we are, the services we offer and how we approach things, please refer to our website:

Practitioners have an hourly rate, billed at 15 minute intervals, or in some cases a session rate. Services such as neurofeedback and thermometry have a standard rate while other services vary by length of time or complexity.

Patients come to us from all over the U.S. and the world.  We do require a once per year visit to the physician(s) in the center involved in care.

Per office policy, payment is due at time of service. We do not directly bill your insurance company.  However, our services are reimbursed quite often by insurance. We will provide you with an invoice including ICD-10 and CPT codes which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  If your insurance company raises questions about codes or charges, we can work with you to address the issues.

The reason we do it this way is this:  practices that bill insurance tend to have shorter visits and more fragmented care because of the restrictions insurance places on them.  Our goal, “to put the pieces together” at a Higher Synthesis, requires longer visits and more comprehensive care.


Step 1: Complete a Readiness Assessment which will assess how likely we will be able to help you.

Step 2: If we feel we will be a good fit for you, we will ask you to complete a Patient Consent Form.  If the patient is a minor or dependent, both guardians will need to sign the form.

Step 3: Once we receive your signed consent, we will accept you into our practice and sign you up for our Electronic Medical Record.  This will give you access to our Patient Portal which is our communication and document storage and exchange hub.

Step 4: Then, we’ll ask you to give us information that we need to review prior to your visit.  Doing this will include filling out a few forms.

  • We will ask you to fill out some intake forms.
  • We request you to upload documents to give us information that will help us understand your history. (we will give you some tips on what will be most helpful after we accept you into the practice).

We require that you finish filling out all forms and uploading all documents at least 5 business days prior to your initial evaluation, so we can give you the informed care you need.

Step 5: For children or dependent adults, we strongly prefer to take an initial history from parents/guardians by phone or in person without the patient, since it can be tedious and even disturbing for the patient to have to sit through all of those details, and/or they can burn out.  Then when the patient is present, we can focus on developing a relationship with them and getting our initial physical exam done.

Our care cycle involves the following:

(i) The initial intake evaluation includes the review of all previously submitted forms and documents, a 1 ½ to 2 hour in-person evaluation and in-office testing as appropriate.

(ii) This information allows us to give you an initial care and testing plan, and structure appointments to make sure you are moving along smoothly.

(iii) We schedule check-in at least monthly to make sure successes are being achieved and stuck points are being recognized and overcome, and progress and issues are being documented.

(iv) It usually works to schedule phone and in-person appointments using the online appointment request system built into our electronic medical record.  It is also possible to schedule short phone calls for questions that can be better answered in a conversation.

(v) When your initial laboratory and other tests results are available, the ordering practitioner will review them with you and modify your plan based on what we have learned. 

(vi) We recommend monthly brief check-ins and quarterly more detailed follow-ups with your physician to evaluate progress and re-assess the plan as indicated. We can adjust this to your needs.

(vii) In between appointments and check-in sessions, you may communicate with our team through our secure portal in the Electronic Health Record.