Approach – From Surviving to Thriving

Whole Body-Brain medicine

We look at body and brain as mutually supportive, and at their problems as going both ways.  We use approaches from neurology for diagnosis, review of history and strategic brain on the brain side, and functional, systems and naturopathic approaches on the body side.  Therapeutically we approach treatment and support via the body (food, nutrition, other natural supports), natural remedies and medications when needed; we also approach via the brain, using deep brain neurofeedback, low level laser therapy (photobiomodulation), NeuroMovement®.


Evolutionary medicine 

Learning about caring for our bodies, our food, our minds and our planet from our ancient ancestors and their worlds, so we feed, challenge and pace ourselves optimally.


Developmental medicine 

Bringing feeding and care, teaching and learning in line with what bodies and brains need to grow from conception and infancy into brilliance and adaptability.


Environmental medicine 

Our toxic world creates confusion and dysfunction in our biochemical, immune and nervous systems.  We help you back to harmony through removing sources of harm and supporting repair and recovery.


Special needs 

Turning limitations and dysfunctions into a road to being extraordinary selves, through meeting people where they are and seeing what they can be.


Testing and tracking

Using laboratory, office and home tests to see where you are starting from, track progress, and support partnership between you and our team.


Practice-based research 

Pooling our numbers to track how our approaches are working.